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    2012–2016 Series: Zig Zag Ornament III

    Series: Zig Zag Ornament III

    The first drawings and the design of the structure were created in 2012 during a holiday in Montenegro. At that time I also drew the first spatial relief designs. From each surface, delineated by ornaments, grows a pyramid, and the zigzag lines are visible as notches between them. In the second design, the pyramids adjacent with the common side are always extruded outward and the other inward. The adjacent sides then become common surfaces, and in the resulting cubic relief the original zigzag ornament is not at all perceptible because its lines go through the centres of the walls of the relief.

    The basic picture, as well as for the previous series, is the painting “No. 2 “ from 2013. In it, three layers of intersecting zigzag yellow lines form angles of an equilateral triangle. Bisection of the angles at the intersection points is done with blue lines and the connecting lines between their points of connection in tetragons or polygons with red lines.

    Some of the paintings are multicoloured, other monochromatic, white or red. But all surfaces bear a colour which I sometimes chose to support both spatial and mass effect, at other times the effect is flat. I usually combined both methods in a single painting.