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    2006–2012 Series: Flow

    Series: Flow

    This picture series develops the forms of the “Dogon” and “Pacific” series. I decided to turn it into a separate chapter because its source of inspiration is not only a particular landscape or water fragment, but it is one of my important themes. It is the content of my painting since the mid-eighties and I am going to develop it further. I mean the passing of the landscape and waveforms, and – and this is essential for me – the passage of time and harmony with it. Flow is a shape and movement and time. In the paintings I weave small craft discoveries and skills and many days and weeks of work, which I try to aim at the most convincing expression. I do not regret the time, I do not fight against it, I do not try to resist it or myself with a product – printing. On the contrary, I go along with it and it helps me.