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    1994–2000 Series: White Monochromes

    Series: White Monochromes

    At the heart of these paintings was the concept of moving on with my favourite subject of the art-making process. After applying the colourful strata of waves or straight lines I intended to overlay them with the same number of white layers until the moment when the canvas surface remained almost white, returning to its original state. This extremely time-consuming process was followed through to the desired end in one painting only. In the others, I resorted to simply making the process visible either by using a highly transparent white or by terminating the process at a point when the colourful structure of the previous layers still showed through in the areas not completely covered by white. In paintings where the white layers were composed of straight lines, which I crossed in the next layer to generate intersection points, I initially created square grids. I often continued working on the central fields only, leaving the margins to shine with colours. The white layers were sometimes built of undulating line and straight line structures. The paintings combine the stability of the geometrically arranged white points created by intersecting lines with the organic movement of the undulating line structures.


    1996 – 1997