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    1994–2000 Series: Intersections

    Series: Intersections

    I would like to return to an aspect that may have kindled my interest in repetitive, ornamental composition. I might have simply rejected the idea of joining the thousands of self-indulgences that nobody cares for. My ambition was partly contradictory.
    I was attracted by the type of work where the authorship is not over important. And I shrugged off signing the pictures. Today I accept that contrary to my initial ambition, I create typical Kvíčala paintings and I have no objection to this. Nevertheless I consider it important enough to be mentioned. I realize I belong to the type of artists who separate themselves from the painting by a grid. A principle entering from the external world and contributing to the final form together with the artist’s self-expression and formal rules of painting. In my case, it is inserting an elementary, linear, non-constructive composition with brushwork articulation, producing “random” shapes that relate to one another without acting chaotically but rather, as if being subordinated to a more complicated arrangement that need not be deciphered.