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    2006–2012 Series: Zig Zag Ornament II

    Series: Zig Zag Ornament II

    The basis of the series are in three directions intersecting broad zigzag lines. The filling of the surfaces is done either with closed lines in a contour way or with parallel stripes filling the surfaces always in a different direction, which is a little similar to the camouflage of the warships during the First World War (dazzle ships). With the first zigzag contour paintings from 2005, I realised that although I often used a ruler when drawing the straight lines of an ornament – but without measuring the lengths of the legs and sizes of the angles – the paintings do not seem flatly constructive, but rather organic and they remind me of the crystalline structures. When I talked about them, I used the term “geometry of the natural crystal”.

    I do not think that my painting is some exceptional intellectual performance. I rather unconsciously try to create some type of arrangement and beauty that combines everything that fascinates me, whether it is adventures, experience or knowledge. Or maybe some idea connecting the visible and the hidden, and also a search for and finding of a clean and elegant solution. I say something by that, and sometimes I conceive what it is. However, I often think of distinctive landscapes and environments which speak not only through the senses and the intellect, but also thanks to short circuits between sensitivity and awareness.