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    2006–2012 Series: Sicily

    Series: Sicily

    I do not know whether it was under the impression of the visits to the Sicilian Doric temples, watching the sea, or without an apparent external cause, but I began to paint in the sketchbook black and white wavy line designs. They were variants and developments of the paintings that I had painted almost twenty years before. Some solutions were completely new and interesting for me, but still I made a note in the sketchbook: “It cost me a lot of courage to go back.” Later I realised that I had already done it several times: drawing more ideas from the series that I had already closed. Somehow I was carrying within myself that it is something that is not supposed to be done, that is why I needed courage. I then even painted a couple of pictures. They are easily recognisable from the earlier ones: the white lines in the new ones are without contours. In the series I also included some two years older paintings.

    It is probably important to say why I paint such sketches and paintings. It is not only the fulfilling of the chosen aesthetic form. First of all, it is a search for and finding of the essential shape for some phenomenon, which in me – and I think that in many others too – arouses fascination. It is like when we want to return to a view of the sea.