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    2012–2016 Series: Polka Dots II, 2014

    Series: Polka Dots II, 2014

    The line structures of the series “Zig Zag III” became the basis of the series of paintings, in which the primary zigzag lines are marked with colour dots and circles in the places of their vertices and intersections. I was attracted and fascinated by the combination of a “freehand” accurate pencil geometric structure and transparent circles rendered in watercolour, which has seemingly nothing to do with drawing at all and yet together they make sense to me.

    When I paint pictures, I hope that at least for someone it will be interesting to look at them. For the images are to be looked at, and one may behold themselves and the world in them. Especially the world where there is secret. It can be something very simple, but in simple such a way that it is basic and essential at the same time: as a linear repetitive movement, such as walking or shaping a vessel on the wheel. It could be a repetition in touch and breath, it could be adding of the same or dividing. Since dividing, although expanding, is a symbol of infinite vitality in the acanthus ornament.

    It could be a freehand geometry and a tension between freedom of movement manifestation and a regular rhythm and order. Is it enough? I think that abstract mathematical systems have not the ability for an image and do not speak themselves. I also think that it should be something more than just spent personal time and a personal trace, because our identity is probably uninteresting to others. How to get out, so that it was not boring but “something”, especially when the border is so thin?