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    Zig Zag I Street Art, Brno, 2009

    Exhibice:Zig Zag I Street Art, Brno, 2009

    Site-specific and sight-specific ornamental painting on the road which turned into street happeing.

    In 2002, I designed an ornament resembling the geometric meanders known from Greek vases and mosaics. Its essence is different, though. When passing by the painting, from the side view shows the familiar perspective shortcut known as the “road effect”: Its character changes, in the painting instead of the battlements are seen wavy lines or a zigzag ornament. After one such look, each viewer can even from the front view switch their vision on one or the other composition. So far I have not found a similar ornament elsewhere. I have long sought the opportunity to be able to apply it somewhere on the street. That came in 2009. During the Museum Night I illegally painted the ornament on freshly finished asphalt on one of the main streets of Brno. So that the colour could later wash away, I used a pigment with no binder dissolved in water. My painting first aroused interest of the police and then the spectators, who began to exercise their creativity through the completion of the ornament and response to it. They created buildings, writings, and patterns from the cobbles prepared for paving the pavements. The painting became unimportant, it was covered by a layer of cobbles. It became an unexpected moment of initiation for a night sculptural happening, in which participated hundreds of people.