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    Mural Painting for Apartment in Lausanne, 1995

    Exhibice:Mural Painting for Apartment in Lausanne, 1995

    The apartment is situated on the fourth storey of an apartment house in Lausanne, on the slopes of Lake Geneva.
    The longitudinal wall, 2.7 m high and 12 m long, interrupted by two passage openings, divides it into two parts. The southern part of the apartment, with windows facing the lake, contains the living space and the adjoining studies, while the northern part faces the town. I noticed that the southern exterior “pervades” the house to such an extent that any change in weather and the continual play of light are reflected, by the great mirror of the lake surface, in the living space and become its integral component. As a result I decided to underline the opposing role of the dividing wall relative to the view.
    The red colour palette perfectly matched an environment dominated by perpetually changing shades of blue and grey.
    From my then frequently practised method of work I borrowed the crossing of layers of undulating lines in four basic directions. The individual lines, remaining white, were highlighted by their contours in blood red. At the points where the lines crossed, the interfering contours did not go under as I left their passage intentionally visible, thus forming a quasi- two-dimensional network. After completing the job we discovered the height of the waves equals that of a man’s head and the span between the crowns of identically oriented waves equals that of a walking man’s step. The painting did not receive a protective coat of varnish so that it could “breath” and permeate through the space.