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    Macaroni – Clay, 2008

    Exhibice:Macaroni – Clay, 2008

    Wall clay “painting” in the hunting lodge made a cave-like space.

    The drawing by fingers into the still wet clay plaster was created for a hunting lodge. The drawing was inspired by the painting series “Macaroni”. The painting of these pictures started with me painting one line intersecting the whole surface of the painting. To it I then added three or four running parallel lines. I responded to the segmentation of the surface by adding more lines, which I multiplied in parallel. I often broke the direction and rhythm of the lines by unexpected twists, turns, and connecting lines. Because the resulting paintings reminded me of some of the earliest manifestations of cave painting, formed by parallel lines of fingers imprinted into the wet clay walls of the cave in Altamira, I titled the series after one of them.